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FSM Leadership

Found Sheep Ministries


Our Team

Our community is led by three brothers,

who have a heart to serve Elohim (God).



Brother Mensur, nick name Memi, is born in Serbia and grew up in a secular Muslim family. After a turbulent life in Serbia, he moved to Austria, where on July 14th 2014, after a supernatural experience with Jesus Christ, he became a Christian. Brother Memi is married and a father of 3 children. From the beginning of his faith he kept the biblical feasts like shabbat. In 2017 he met brother Mariano, dived more into the Messainic faith and founded the fellowship FSM. Since then, he has lived out his gift of helping and, to the best of his ability, assisting the community with counsel. SRB / HR / BIH / EN



​Brother Mariano grew up in a christian community since childhood. Mariano is married and a father. In 2015 he came to the messianic faith and had close contact with an orthodox messianic family, where he experienced the messianic faith. He himself lived in the Jewish district of Vienna for 5 years and is one of the founders of the community Found Sheep Ministries (FSM). Mariano gained basic knowledge of the hebrew language at the university of Vienna (Jewish Studies) and has taken numerous courses /seminaries in Jewish Studies and Theology. DE / VN / EN



Brother Maciej preaches the gospel and follows the good ways of old (Jeremiah 6,16). He served in a deliverance ministry as well as an evangelical church between 2017-2021. As a young leader under the autotiy of Messiah Yeshua (Christ Jesus), Maciej has been serving the Elohim (God) of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob with all his heart, soul, and strength at Found Sheep Ministries since 2020. Maciej is married and a father. "All that the Father gives me will come to me; and whoever comes to me, I will not cast out." John 6,37 AT / POL / EN

Segeln Seil

the greatest among you become as the youngest,

and the leader as one who serves. 

Luke 22,26

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